Monday, March 20, 2017

What She Received

While we wait on my beads to arrive for the Bead Peeps swap, 
I will show you what Heather received from me here in Japan.
Seed beads (of course), fancy magnetic clasp, 
Swarovski beaded beads made by little 'ole me & a few treats. 
So lets chat about the extras since I refuse to fold laundry.

I like sending a little dish when I do swaps from Japan. 
They have so many cute, tiny dishes here.
Kokeshi pen (Kokeshi traditionally are wooden dolls with a simple body and a large head.)
Fancy chocolates (So many fancy chocolates here around Valentine's day. I bought my son a sculpted frog and my husband some that were planets while shopping for Heather.)

Then some cherry blossom or sakura findings.
Finally some clear glass balls with caps so you can fill them. 
I bought some of those for myself too. 
Any suggestions on what I should fill them with?
I have a pair also so I'm thinking earrings. 
I saw examples filled with bicones, firepolish, 
feathers & rabbit fur. What would you fill them with?

Couple pictures of projects I've completed since you last heard from me.
What have you been working on?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Few of My Favorites

No matter how long we're apart my blog continues to call to me. Once again in a new environment without a crafty group to create with I've signed up for another blog hop. Super excited as always. While we wait for partner announcements, and I wait on my belongings to arrive from the other side of the world. Let me share a bit about myself.

My spouse's job dictates that we move every 3ish years. Just after Christmas we landed in mainland Japan. First impression:  it's cold! I haven't experienced winter in about 7 years. So I am freezing and my skin looks like the surface of a desert, but I find something new each and every day.

As in life I am always up for new challenges. Over the course of many blog hops and swaps I've stretched my limits of skill and taste in beadwork. There is no longer anything I don't work with. I'm sure I've yet to work with certain shaped beads as they seem to create two new ones each time I sleep. I love all colors now though I've always been drawn to blues, metallics and coral. If I had to pick a favorite bead it would be anything in 11/0 also called size 11 seed beads. I love peyote so they are a go to for me.

I wish I had pictures of any recent work, but with an international move I haven't been beading. Soon all my pretties will be here and the world be right again for another 3ish years. Take care Loves. You'll hear from me again soon.  

My blog has been neglected for more instantaneous forms of communications. If you enjoy Instagram you can find my adventures here:  Instagram @lilmummyg

Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Bead Peeps Blog Hop Reveal

 Let me start by saying, "I made the entire piece from the beads I was given and my stash." 
That is a huge accomplishment for me all on it's own. 

PLUS my partner, Susanne Stelljes, magically had two silver focal pieces my friend Connie had just mentioned she was looking for. So sometimes it is who you know. I was definitely in the right place at the right time to help Connie. Thanks again for that Susanne. 

Okay so to recap. Here is what I sent:
And here is what I received:
To read more about this check out this post.

Now what did I do with them. Well my Bead Society had just done a class on tubular peyote so I pulled out this pattern I'd been wanting to try for years. I wont tell you which one as I discovered it is very poorly written. So I ended up with this:
Not liking the look anyway, I defaulted to my favorite beaded 
component. The pattern for which was given to me by my first bead swap partner ever.
(Sorry I'm too lazy to dig years back into her blog to find a direct link for you.)
Yeah, I didn't really like it either, but when this is where you are 24 hours 
before the deadline panic can be a great motivator to adapt and overcome. 
Honestly I like there the piece went. 
Here's what I had to use:
 I knew from the beginning I was making a necklace for myself.
Honestly I'm not a fan of toggles on necklaces because they get caught in my hair and pull. 
I think I may have come up with a solution this time. A bit more field testing is required before I can attest to it's effectiveness and not dismantling an updo.
Now, here's the entire piece. I am quite proud of it mismatched bead cap pairs and all.
Ready to see more great creations? Visit the other participants to continue the inspiration.
Linda Anderson - Hostess -
Terry Jeanette Carter 
Rachel Mallis 
Palak (aka Pallavi Asher) 
Bobbie Rafferty 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bead Peeps-What we Swapped

Wow guys sorry to leave you in the dark so long. 

Lots of great beading going on around here,
plus a river flood & the end to 
my husband's back surgeries.

So lots of things to celebrate now that we're safely on the other side of things.

First though I am happy to share that both Suzanne and I have received out Bead Peeps swap packages. 

Above you will see what Suzanne sent me from Germany.
These are the ones I must use for the challenge.
This pin Suzanne sent is my favorite thing from the packet. 
It reminds me of the pearl and bead spiders I have on my Christmas tree, but this one has a mohawk!
(Yes, there was a story that came with the Christmas spider kit, but I don't remember what it was.)
I just love that something usually scary is recreated in a way that makes it beautiful.

Okay moving right along.
This is what Suzanne received from the good 'ole USA.
Oh but the handmade focal of a hand and heart is actually from the UK. 
It's by Caroline Dewison of Blueberri Beads.
Of course a little surprise is always fun.

I have about one inch of beadwork done for my reveal and a simple stringing project complete. Come back May 15th to find out what I did with my blue beads and enjoy with me the creations of Suzanne's imagination as well. 

Now to the fun bit. Here's a peek at the things I've finished since my last post.
 The Bead Society taught Russian Leaves one month. 
I made 3 pair and decided that was plenty.
 This is 3 bracelets with snap clasps. 
The pattern is so lovely I wanted you to see the detail.
 This is yet another of my prized Shelly Nybakke patterns. 
This is the 3rd pattern of hers I've completed.
This next one is going to be a doozy.
 Yes I can do more than bead.

 Even played with a bit of wire too.
I finished another bracelet this weekend, but it's not as photogenic as it is beautiful on the skin. 
You'll just have to trust me on that as I shall not share my skin with you at the moment. 
My gardens are lovely, but it has done quite the opposite to my skin. 

Take Care and Happy Spring!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Seriously!?! Where have the first two months of this year gone? 
I'm absolutely flabbergasted at how quick this year is flyin' by.

So around here we had Mardi Gras.
 Complete with poop hats. (far left)
Yeah, you see all sorts of odd things on the parade route.

and I was asked to be our bead society's Bead It Forward Chair.
We submitted 56 squares. Sixteen of which I added to a little quilt I whipped up.

Yesterday I finished my quarterly ombudsman newsletter which shouldn't be as stressful as it is, but I truly don't know what to talk about. How to you condense months of training into a couple pages, and make it something dozen of different styles of families are willing to spend their time on? 

Best of all I received info on my Bead Peeps partner, Susanne Stelljes. 
Susanne is in Germany. Please take a bit to check out here beautiful blog and fb beading page.

I'm almost done prepping her package. In the mean time I thought 
I'd follow the advice of our host and tell you & Susanne a bit about me.

1. I LOVED the beadweaving with Swarovski crystals that was so popular maybe 10 years ago. As a stay at home mom I just couldn't give that much of our family budget to those pieces so I taught myself to beadweave.

2.I love almost anything beadwoven. Peyote pieces are my favorite, but thanks to a class with Shelley Nybakke I'm learning to love RAW (right angle weave). I still string a bit and drill sea glass for jewelry. I haven't done much recently but I like making resin and polymer clay pendants and components too.

3. I still love working with 3mm & 4mm Swarovski bicones, but I adore seed beads now. At first they were simply to fill in the gaps in the crystals, but now I love them on their own. I've recently falling in love honeycomb beads. I avoid pink and gold tones. I'm a cool colors person who has oddly accepted coral and orange thanks to my passion for all things beachy.

4. See #2 Apparently I can't stay focused on the question as I unintentionally answered this above.

5. See #3 Oops, I did it again. ;)

TRIVIA:  Did you know that I love to make jewelry and even sell military sterling jewelry for a company, but I rarely wear it every day?

I'm also a dig in the dirt girl who literally gets sick to my stomach when I have to dress up in a ball gown. Yep, I have half a closet full of princess dresses and they scare me to death.

Um, well that's enough sharing for today. I hope you are well and happy.

Love where you are, and love yourself.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slow & Steady

So this is where I left you. ☺ To clarify I didn't buy enough Mardi Gras colors to make this bracelet and the style I really wanted. So the bracelet above was sacrificed to make this.
I LOVED IT!!! The best part is this way I had enough to make a second one. So here's where I was this afternoon.
I LOVE THIS ONE EVEN MORE!!! So the one on the right is in the Slidell Chamber of Commerce Marketplace, and the one on the left is MINE.

Now that I finished these. I'm back to my peyote for Valentine's day. It's supposed to be a bracelet, but it's too thick for me. It may become a wall hanging or something. Do you have any ideas?
I'm thrilled to be half way though this pattern. I miss my bead it forward squares. This is insane to someone who's never done anything bigger than a 1.5 inch square before. I will finish it! Hopefully before the bead society meeting in February.

Wish me luck.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello Honey

My sweetheart told me to have a great day out with the girls yesterday. Where did we go?
Yep, we went to a bead show! I was so good, and stayed within my budget. Which is why I am posting today.  -I didn't buy enough gold honeycomb beads.- The bracelet at the top, yeah the Mardi Gras colors, will never be worn.

I challenged myself to try this pattern, and it was done in under 30 minutes. Thanks to the beadaholique video I mentioned in my last post it was so easy. BUT! I was in love with the first row so I'm tearing the bracelet out and making it my way.

Oh and believe it or not I used seed beads from my stash and had an astonishing one seed bead left when it was complete. Can you believe it?